On 14 June 2022, Ambassador Andor Dávid handed over the Presidency of the Visegrád Group in Slovenia to Slovakian Ambassador Peter Zeleňák.

The event, held at the Slovenian Philharmonic and organized by the Liszt Institute in cooperation with the V4 Embassies in Ljubljana featured a concert titled “Roots & Wings” by the Irén Lovász V4 Groove & Voice Band. The band members come from all four Visegrád countries: Irén Lovász, Kornél Horváth and Mizsei Zoltán (Hungary), Stanislav Palúch (Slovakia), Martin Krajíček (Czech Republic) and Szczepan Pospieszalski (Poland). At the event, the Ambassador gave a speech presenting the achievements of the Hungarian V4 Presidency and wishing a lot of success to the next presiding country, Slovakia.