On the 13th of July 2017 the co-chairs of the Slovenian-Hungarian Joint Minority Commission met in Ljubljana.

Mr. Gorazd Žmavc, the Minister for Slovenians Abroad and Mr. Ferenc Kalmár, the Ministerial Commissioner for Hungary's Neighbourhood Policy held talks in Vila Podrožnik. The ministers exchanged information on the current state of implementation of the recommendations adopted at the commission’s last session and agreed on the date of the next session, which is to take place in Ljubljana on the 22nd of November 2017. Since this November marks the 25th anniversary of the signing of the bilateral Agreement on Ensuring the Special Rights of the Slovene National Community in Hungary and the Hungarian National Community in Slovenia the co-chairs agreed to continue their constructive and friendly cooperation in order to efficiently resolve the issues important to both minorities. 


Photo: Office for Slovenians Abroad